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Hawbecker & Garver is a law firm concentrating its practice area in Residential and Commercial Real Estate. We pride ourselves on our absolute commitment to provide the very best legal advice and customer service to our real estate clients; and our view that the realtor is a partner in the transaction. At Hawbecker & Garver, every correspondence that is received or sent by this office is emailed via a pdf attachment to both the client and the realtor, usually within only an hour after being sent or received.This process showcases our strong desire to keep both the realtor and client up-to-date and informed on all the happenings of the real estate transaction.

At Hawbecker & Garver, we also pride ourselves on being extremely accessible. At some attorney’s office, you may find that you are only able to speak with a paralegal or secretary. We freely give the realtor and clients our cell phones so that if a question arises, the realtor and client can get a quick answer. We pride ourselves on not being “the attorney” that takes 2 or 3 days to return a call. Our goal is to provide for a seamless and enjoyable transaction that leaves both the realtor and client happy. We understand that a referral from a realtor is a reflection of the realtor themselves and pride ourselves to living up to every expectation.

We also provide a closing book to our clients. In this folder is a table of contents providing a description of all the pertinent documents from a real estate transaction.This book provides the finishing touch to the transaction. We include a business card holder in which we insert the realtors business card in hopes that, when the time comes to sell, the realtor’s information will be extremely accessible for the clients.

Hawbecker & Garver has grown at an astounding pace since this firm was founded in 2003. This is a reflection on the level of quality we are able to provide to our realtors, clients, and anyone else that may be part of a real estate transaction.

In our commitment to accuracy we have developed an internal database application which lets us view at any given moment a plethora of different options, ranging from sorting by attorney review date, mortgage contingency date, and home sale contingency dates. This application absolutely minimizes the propensity for error or missed dates. In the future, we will be unveiling a new website that allows our realtors and clients access to this information, and also access to up-to-date electronic versions of all correspondence on the transaction. Realtors will be able to log into our website and see a snapshot of the transaction of every one of their clients that we are working with and will be able to access “legacy” information and electronic copies of all pertinent documents for past clients.

Our fees for a residential real estate transaction typically range from $500-$600. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our work product to you and your clients and to create a relationship with you that will last for years to come.