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Charitable Work

Hawbecker & Garver, LLC, is an active supporter of Goldie's Place. We firmly believe that instead of treating the symptoms of homelessness Goldie's has programming that helps to treat the cause (the old teach a man to fish idea).  The programming that they provide helps to enhance self-esteem, job readiness, presentable appearance, dental wellness, and employability.  They do these through their Employment Assistance Program and Supportive Services Program.

In a nutshell the Employment Assistance Program helps to improve job search techniques, resume writing skills, application preparation, interview and presentation skills.  Each participant works one on one with a coach to create an individual service plan and map out concrete steps to securing and maintaining a self-sustaining, permanent job.  The Supportive Services Program has two arms, the Clothes Closet Program
and the Dental Services Program.  The Clothes Closet Program assists homeless individuals to become appropriately clothed, accessorized and groomed.  The Dental Services Program assists homeless individuals to maintain or attain dental wellness, through dental services staffed by volunteer dentists.

If you would like to become involved with Goldie's Place, make a donation, or learn about any of their events, feel free to let us know and we would be happy to assist.

Find below the Youtube video about Goldie's Place and a way to show your support on Facebook!